Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey, I’m Not 20 Anymore!

I had sharpened my chain saw before I had lumbered out into the forest and began to cut away what was already dead and then I started to cut down the bigger trees I was interested in. The sun was throwing enough rays through the still leafy autumn canopy that I got warm under the collar. It was a lot of bending and lifting. From time to time I took a break, but it was a go for more than 3 hrs. Bea came out to look after me and I felt that I probably should walk with her and have lunch. But first we took a couple of loads moving it into the basement.
When I finally sat down I felt GROGGY. Boy, that wasn’t the case only 20 years ago, not speaking of 40 years ago. Of course, cutting down trees hasn’t been any daily occupation for me for the last 10 or more years.
There was a time, way back in the 80s when I was working in the forest most of the winter. In fact I totally fell in love while doing it – in 1985. It was October then as well and I had picked up Bea from the Railroad Station – for the first time. We been sitting in the kitchen for breakfast the first morning and were wondering how to spend the day. Our FIRST day together. Haha…I took her into the forest. We took the tractor and off we went. I was cutting down the trees and Bea operated the forest winch hauling the trees up to the tractor driving off with them. When it was time to have a break we made up a small fire and cooked our coffee. It was soooo much fun and…well it’s no wonder I fell in love with that gal.
I still have a lot of fun doing that kind of work. Well – today it’s a real work-out and when we have nice weather like now it’s just great.
We are sooo amazed about this October weather. Again we’ve been sitting outside for our meals. A neighbour came by this afternoon bringing blueberry cake along. I whipped up a pot of real cream and  we just enjoyed.
DSC_0339 DSC_0349
If this type of weather stays on nobody’s gonna see us in the south this year, but THAT is not very likely, or is it?

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  1. That kind of weather definitely wants to make you stick around longer. Just don't get snowed in. Every day we seem to get a reminder that we aren't 40 or even 50 any longer. That Molly girl is still the prettiest girl ever.

  2. Well... did you share any of that meal with your beautiful and patient furry friend who's waiting for a bite?

  3. What a beautiful dog! Sticking around a bit longer could be great or could be snowed in....yikes!

  4. You aren't 20 anymore? Well, you certainly fooled the rest of us! :-)

  5. More photos of a hike I took with Molly are shown here:


  6. It is always nice to remember the "Good Old Days" reminding us with satisfaction what we were able to do .

  7. Yes we do slow down a bit as the year creep on by, just take it easy and all will be done.

  8. Ah yes, the good old days. Twenty years ago I was 49 & I remember my 40's as probably the best decade of my life. Maybe you as well by the sound of it. Oh to have the energy of those days again eh. We get too soon old & too late nuts:))


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