Wednesday, April 3, 2024

We Are On The Home-Run!

It wasn't easy to say Goodbye to Quartzsite. The weather this morning was beautiful, and it seemed that the desert was beckoning us to stay around. Of course, Dixie was hanging around the entry door of the van, making sure we wouldn't "forget" her. A change of routine is all it takes to make our dog aware of that we will be moving.

An early breakfast, and the usual chores to get ready for the road - and that was all. At 7:30 we moved down the camp road, stopping a last time at the garbage dumpster, before hitting the highway.

Leaving Quartzsite behind, we entered the I-10 towards Phoenix. To begin with the pavement was good, but it didn't take long and I was praying that we wouldn't lose anything from the trailer. The right side of the lane was terribly rough and broken showing big potholes. One has to wonder how the federal government can be so negligent with keeping up the country's infrastructure.

As Phoenix showed the usual morning traffic chaos, we chose Hwy 85 from Buckeye south to connect with the I-8 at Gila Bend. It is actually signed as a Phoenix Detour route.

Traffic on the I-8 was light until the connect with the I-10. 

Weather stayed mostly very nice with little wind, until we entered New Mexico, where rain clouds showed up.

Yes, these are flowers covering vast areas of the desert

For the night we chose one of the NM rest areas. It was almost full when we arrived, so we couldn't pick the one farthest from the highway, but more than the traffic noise it is the train line going by which is of a concern. Every time a ground-shaking train comes by, it feels like it is taking aim on our trailer. 

Reminiscing Desert Beauty: 

From a recent desert walk

Cholla Cactus

Blooming Ocotillo Cactus

Brittle Bush in full bloom


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