Sunday, March 3, 2024

We Moved

 When the temps are rising and there have been rain showers and one has a camp spot near dense desert vegetation, one has to deal with bugs! Bugs come as the nasty "No-seems", which can crawl into your ears, nose hair, short anywhere they desire to be and bite you, and there isn't anything you can do about it, or hordes of flies are doing landing exercises on you or, worse, you get the super-size mosquitoes which have the ability to sit on any skin-exposed area sucking your blood. Neither of those flyin' bastards are especially welcome. And when we  discovered that poor Dixie was suffering under the same attacks, we decided to act upon it.

Our camp spot was behind a slight rise which was fine to stop the wind but it also meant that insects were thriving there.  So we needed to move to a camp spot in more open terrain where the wind could blow and with less vegetation around it.

Such place exist in the very rear of the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA. And today the last and only camper moved out from there. So we rushed to pack everything, hitch on the trailer and move the short distance to a new better spot. 

Soon we were bug-free and happy established again in a place with lots of breezy air, and we even have a cactus out front. This site used to be occupied by friends from Ontario, which, sadly, cannot take the long drive south anymore. 

Dixie clearly was a bit confused as she couldn't access her old spaces anymore, but she will adjust after a day.

A side benefit of this spot is that it much quieter as we can't hear the traffic from the I-8 anymore. Further, there is less vehicle traffic here, and no other neighbours who are being barked at by Dixie.


  1. Sounds like a very smart move! :-)

  2. If your new camping spot is next to the trail that most ATVs and UTs travel, we have stayed on that very site Twice in the past years. The Highway noise is nearly impossible to hear but when the Off-Roaders ae speeding by, it can be very dusty if the wind is blowing your way. The only thing that might bother Dixie are the Military Worthogs practicing their maneuvers from the nearby Base.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the new site.

    It's about time.

  3. We are farther from the camp road than before. There are some ATV tracks behind, but nothing going on there. Most people have left the LTVA already.


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