Saturday, March 23, 2024

As Another Week Is Passing

 When we think of having around 5 months ahead of us to spend our winter in a warm dry climate it seems like a very long time. After all most people have only a few weeks (2?) for their vacation, while even need more than 2 weeks just for traveling to and from our destination.

And yet, all-of-a-sudden 5 months are over and we are planning our journey home.

Now we have already been spending 10 days in Quartzsite and we are looking into our last week in the desert.

Over the last couple of days friends have shown up coming from Holtville,CA. The heat and the bugs have driven them out and over to Quartzsite. Here we are completely free of the hordes of insects which turned out to be very, very bothersome at the Hot Springs LTVA. Most days we have a nice cooling breeze which makes it even nicer to stay here. While Quartzsite does not sport any big-box shopping malls nor even a Walmart, the local stores have most of what you would need for a couple of weeks camping. There are still a few tent-stores offering RV-parts and camp utensils. And if you are into rock hounding there are still a lot of places where you can purchase rocks for your collection. 

Our days are usually starting with an early-morning desert walk which nets us a couple of new pictures of mother nature's wonders. Besides of an occasional trip to town to get supplies we are mostly enjoying lazy days in camp.

By the end of March we will be heading out seeking a few more adventures until it is time to start the long run home.

This strange looking air vehicle came flying by one afternoon

Grand evening sky view

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  1. We've found that you really have to watch the weather you are heading into. April is bad for Tornadoes through the plains.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the freedom.

    It's about time.


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