Saturday, February 10, 2024

The Carrot Capital Of The USA

 Do you like carrots? Carrots are said to be very healthy for us. Regardless, I like carrots. And so do the residents of Holtville California. In fact, they love them so much that they created their very own Carrot Festival.

And they have celebrated it for 77 years. Carrots are growing here in large fields in the Imperial Valley, and they are harvested now in february.

Today, on february 11 at 10am the annual parade started going down Main St. and of course, we had to go see it.

We found parking near Main St. and took our chairs to set them up together with hundreds of others along the curb.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a very cold wind and the sun was constantly seeking to hide behins a nasty dark grey cloud. I was not dressed for this and was longing for my fur-clad winter jacket. This has never been so cold before. 

Now, the parade lasted almost 2 hours and by the time it was over, we had only one thought - getting back in the van and turn up the heater!

Color Guard

But watching the carrot parade and it's spectators is always a fun thing to do while staying here. During this weekend the town is also sporting a big fair event, which I blogged about last year.

Thousands are lining Main St.

Mexican dancers


Three strong Ladies

We were wondering whether these girls were getting cold

Holtville was founded by Swiss settlers. The name Leimgruber stands for the Swiss heritage on a day like today.
Left: The carrot majesties of former years and right: 
Her Majesty the 2024 Carrot Princess

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