Thursday, February 8, 2024

Exploring A Bit

Over the years we have been staying here at the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA, the area has mostly stayed the same. A few new houses came up early, and except for one they got finished. The Hot Spring itself has seen some recent upgrades with a new fence and last year's cattle trough used as a third option for taking a soak.

But beyond the northern end of the BLM Camp area a large solar farm is under construction this year. It has brought a lot of truck traffic along Evan Hewes Hwy. The project has been built on the grounds of a former farm. Once operational, Vikings Energy will produce 137 megawatts (MW) of solar energy, coupled with 150 MW and 600 MW-hour of battery energy storage and be able to power 90,000 households in the San Diego area.

Today we took a little side trip from the main BLM road and started a hike north eventually following an ATV trail through the desert.

We got on top of a rise and were offered a great view in all directions. To the east we could see the Imperial Sand Dunes rising above the desert flats, north of us we made out the solar farm and the power poles they had installed, and finally, way over to the west, capping our line of view, the mountains of the coastal range bathed in early sunshine, the highest tops covered in snow.

Coastal Mountains approx 50 miles away

In between the entire southern part of the Imperial Valley with hundreds of green agricultural fields.

Morning Clouds

BLM Camp Road

After recent rains the desert floor is showing green spots. Soon flowers will show up as well.

Panorama View west

When Night comes

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