Thursday, January 11, 2024

Hold On To Your Hat!

The weather forecast was wrong for today. Well - partially wrong, as it did predict the wind, but not the clouds, and certainly not the rain.

As usual, we got out for our morning walk with Dixie - down the campground then up again along the irrigation canal.

A little sun once in a while, then clouds again. As we got over to the canal we were hit by massive wind gusts whipping up big waves showing white caps. I have never seen white caps on the canal before. 

The most powerful wind gusts started picking up sand particles and we got peppered with it. Soon, I had sand between my teeth. Twice I also had to recover my hat which had flown off into the bushes.

Even a rainbow showed up...

Getting back to our camp, we saw clouds of sand racing down the camp road.

We had barely made it inside when heavy raindrops started hitting the roof. Dixie had moved into her bush-cave, but I decided to get her inside. 

Sand on a wet dog is not what we desire to get into the trailer.

If we can believe the weather forecast for the rest of the day, we hope that the wind will slowly die down again during the afternoon.

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