Monday, January 22, 2024

California Rain

We knew it would be raining today, Monday, but what we got was close to a flood. It was still dry and only cloudy when I looked out the window at 6:15am, but the first rain came shortly before 10am. We had rolled up our awning yesterday evening, just in case. Now we were happy about it.

Tomorrow we've got to enjoy
sunshine again

The drumming on top of our roof drowns out the rumble from our generator outside. It is quite dark and gloomy outside too,

And since there was nothing else to do, and because we are out of cake, I grabbed a cake mix from the shelf and proceeded with it in the kitchen department.

We have been doing some outside cooking
with our oldColeman gasoline stove

Meanwhile, Bea relaxed in the bedroom as she was still feeling a little weak after almost a week of battling a nasty cold. But this morning she appeared much happier as her stuffed-up nose had cleared and she could breathe again freely.

She had done a Covid test and it turned out negative. Strangely, whatever virus she had picked up, it never attacked me, which is remarkable in such confined enclosure as a trailer.

The other day Robert, a fellow camper, came by. He is always accompanied by Tina, a tiny Jack Russel.

Tina is a bundle of high energy and whenever she eyes Dixie, she starts that Indian dance performance, which obviously annoys Dixie to no end. Yet, being the gentle giant Dixie is, she never bites or even growls at Tina. She must be wondering what's wrong with this jumpin' squirrel.

Sooo, we just have to wait until this rain is over. Afterwards we won't be able to walk along the canal for quite a few days as the trail there is mostly soapy clay, which will stick to our shoes.


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