Sunday, April 2, 2023

A Violent Thunderstorm In Louisiana

What we always fear the most when traveling across the U.S. are tornados and violent thunderstorms.

As we made our way starting this morning at Big Spring, TX we knew that the Dallas area could possibly experience thunderstorms. 

And of course, we worried about possible tornados. Bea had even downloaded the tornado warning app of the Red Cross. But all seemed well, except for some really, really crazy Sunday-drivers on the road today. 

Ft. Worth

As we got close to Ft.Worth we saw red accident dots on our online map. In order to avoid it we took the I-30 around the city. It looked like all of the Ft.Worth/Dallas population had decided to take to the roads today. I am sure that at any time we had thousands of cars in our view. Driving skills of these adventurers were somewhat less than satisfactory. Once they had conquered the left lane they were determined not ever to use the brakes or turn lights when skifting lanes, and most of them never intended to join the right lane.

Yesterday, I elaborated about our gas station experience. Today, it wasn't any better. It was around noon time when we pulled into a station. Two empty spots at the pump were just available, when a black car pulled up from the other station side choosing the one nearest to us, so we couldn't get at it.  After pondering behind the wheel for minutes the door opened and there she was - a church lady in a white costume, very blond, and not young. But instead of starting the filling, she found out she had to go up to the store. And that's where she stayed - most indefinitely. It was tragic-comical!!  We then saw another spot become available and could get down to business. When we pulled out again the lady's car was still occupying the pump without being served.

Finally, when approaching Louisiana the skies got somewhat dark and threatening. Some of the area was already under tornado watch. We intended to stay at the LA Welcome Center, which btw. also offers a dump station. We had stayed here last year and all had gone well. Would it now as well?

Around 7pm, things got dicey. It started raining, then lightning w. thunder. First a bit remote, than closer. Suddenly the bang was so loud that our glasses rang out in the cupboard and Dixie jumped off of her bed, looking bewildered. And then the skies really opened up. Some hail occurred and crazy wind casts shook the trailer. 

Then the tornado watch was suspended.

With all honesty, I have never ever experienced such violent weather before. A thunderstorm in the south plays in a special league for sure.

Around quarter past eight it was suddenly over. I mean just like that - the rain stopped as if it never happened. 



  1. WOW is right! You three certainly are making memories, some maybe you would rather forget!
    Stay well and SAFE, neighbours. :-)

  2. Always an experiance when making the long trip home, ice storm predicted for Wed. night here.


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