Saturday, April 1, 2023

600 km Farther To The East

 After an early start from the Coyote Howls Campground we were heading east on State Rte 86 towards Tucson.

While driving, I had my thoughts on what we had learned yesterday at the campground.

After we had settled in we did an extensive walk around the park. While the sites closest to the admin-building were reserved for day and weekly stays (short term) the other part out back was for yearly use. Yes, yearly - not seasonal! Those sites were beautifully naturally shaped with small trees, rocks and cactus. One could see that the renters had actively beautified their sites. We knew that the yearly rent would be $800 only, so I had gone to the office for more information. Well, it turned out they had availability and that a lot of perks would come with it. 

Would that be something for us? We could place a trailer here year-round and have another smaller one for travel only. What still concerns us is that the WHY/Ajo area has lower winter temperatures than Holtville, CA. Also, what if we wouldn't be able to come down one year and we would lose the site or pay without using it?

Those thoughts occupied me this morning and we will have to give it more time.

Now, State Rte 86 is mostly in a rough shape. 

Whether the reason is that it runs through an Indian Reserve or some other reasons, it was no fun to drive. It's full of potholes and broken asphalt. The better part of the Hwy86 are all the flowers growing along the ditches.

And I have to say that the I-10 from Tucson east is not much better. With the trailer we have to stick to the right lane, and that's where all the damage is. Most cars passing us stay in the left lane all the time. I just don't understand that road maintenance has such a low priority. The worst part was still in Arizona while New Mexico is about to fix the I-10. 

After a 6hr. drive we reached Las Cruces where we stay overnight at the Roadrunner scenic view.

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  1. Some of those right lanes can be pretty rough on a trailer. If traffic is not too heavy, I will often just drive in the left lane and let the cars pass on the right, only pulling over if it starts to impede traffic. Safe travels home.


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