Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Green Desert

 Most people would think of the desert as a barren landscape with little or no vegetation, but it is a stereotype only. While there are lots of sandy, or rocky barren deserts in the world, deserts can also turn green. That is if it receives enough water. This early spring it has been raining a lot, both in California but recently, also in Arizona, where several rivers have caused flooding and road closures.

The beauty of rain falling into the desert appears only days after rainfall.

The desert turns green.

When we did our extensive morning walk with Dixie, we both had the feeling that we already had left the desert. Everything around here is appearing lush green. Yet, you won't find a river or a lake anywhere around these parts. This 14-camp BLm area ought to be the most beautiful I have even experienced. And the walking trails extend for miles into the green desert.

Even though we started in the coolness of an early morning, we could feel the heat of the rising sun behind us. And suddenly, there was the feeling of getting thirsty and exhausted.

It was time to turn around. We hadn't taken any water with us, which really is a No No in the desert. After initially being eager to get on the walk, Dixie now showed signs of slowing down as well.

So we returned to our campsite. A wanderer might get fooled by the green desert and a cool morning, but it's still the desert we are experiencing, and the power of the sun and dryness of the air is impacting our physical abilities. Of course, all this green lushness will disappear after a few weeks and after temperatures have climbed way up into the nineties. 

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