Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Rvers "Fleeing" From The Desert

It cannot be denied anymore: The big open desert areas of the BLM are emptying out. RVers have been (and still are) leaving in droves. What they are all having in common is that they are on their way home, where ever that might be. For some, this winter was the last one. They are either not feeling fit to drive their rig anymore or their health insurance is getting too expensive. The latter is often the case for Canadians reaching 80yrs of age or having a long list of recorded health problems.

But others are still having plans to return within the next 7-8 months for another winter in the desert of southern California. And while this winter rather was on the cool side, next year might be looking different again as the world weather pattern cycles back from La Nina to El Nino. 

We are just not yet ready to depart ourselves, as winter is far from being over in the north country. 

For the next few days temps will be rising a lot from around 22C (72F) to about 31C (88F) predicted for Monday and Tuesday. And that might lead us seeking towards a little higher elevation with a few degrees lower temps. With the higher day temps we will also see higher night temps, which most likely means snakes will finally crawl out of their dens and go hunting. This is nothing we would like to see happening here at the Holtville LTVA, as we are having lots of vegetation around our camp sites, in fact ideal places for snakes to hide. 

You will remember the story about James and the puppies being born here 2 months ago. All of them have now found their forever-homes, and today two of them were visiting Dixie in our camp site. "Brandy" and "Emma", two cute rascals were teasing Dixie. 

Brandy and Dixie checking out Emma
Little Brandy

Of course, our dog was quite gentle with these still tiny visitors.  As it is appropriate for small puppies, they threw them over on their backs when Dixie lowered her nose down to them. "Submission" is what protects little puppies from aggressive behaviour from other dogs.

We all had a great time watching our dogs playing with each other. But as mentioned above, caution will be required in a few days when snakes and poisonous insects might start to show up.

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