Sunday, May 1, 2022

May Day It Is Again

True to the tradition of International May Day, our flag is out today. I have written about Mayday before, so won't repeat it here. You can read the old post if you like.

It also reminds me that it is almost a full month since my last posting. The reason for that might be that I have been so dismayed with the weather. 

I mean, come on, we should have seen some warmer days by now. But snow showers, rain and hail have been dominating the month of April. 

When ever the sun showed itself we rushed out to enjoy it.



One highlight of the month has been that Bea succeeded with producing sourdough breads.

 A neighbour gave her a sourdough starter and the results of Bea's baking were just delicious and extremely appealing to look at. 

Another highlight of the month was Bea's birthday. 

She has now joined the ranks of pensioners, receiving her Norwegian pension status. Canada allows people to retire at 65, in Norway it's 67. We had a nice party with neighbours, all enjoying a couple of sumptuous cakes.

 Recently, I have busied myself with some necessary maintenance on our trailer. And speaking of RVing, I will add that right now it is mighty unsure whether we will go south again this fall. Firstly, there are the current fuel prices, which I find not tempting for a long trip, and secondly, I am not happy with the towing performance of our van. Unless we avoid every mountain on the way, it is a pain in the behind to tow our trailer. So we will wait with making a decision until next fall.

The good news this spring is that the Canadian government finally dropped the testing requirement for border crossers. At least that signals a more normal tourist season this year. As a direct result of 2 years of pandemic and border restrictions, Americans have started selling their vacation homes here on the island. Some homes have already found buyers, this time Canadians, and for the first time in many years, the number of island residents have not declined further.

 Celebrating Easter is always an event we  are looking forward to, and this year I sent a special image of "stony eggs". If you think this was nasty, remember the "hard" times we are having.      

But like mostly this April, the weather was "in the pits".    

So, I guess that's all for now, friends, see ya around another time.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Bea ! Dixie looks like she's enjoying the weather. May will be warmer and the tourists will soon return.


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