Monday, July 1, 2019

Oh Dear Canada!

I still remmeber what happened the day when I went into the city library and got the book about Canada. 

Adventure was on my mind, back in the days when I was 15 yrs old. I had previously plowed through books about South America, Asia and even Russia, but the book about Canada had a major impact on my future. 
I followed the title: To Canada you should travel

It was like it made me travel to all the wonderful sites the book author, A. E. Johann had described in detail. The book had come out in 1965 and he had traveled the country from the east to the west and back several times in the years prior to that.

I found the address of the Canadian Embassy and Tourist Council in Germany and they sent brochures and maps about my future home country. I was still only 15 yrs. old and had only vague ideas about how to emigrate to a far-away continent.
yet, it never deterred me from pursuing my goal.

35 yrs. later a plane touched down in Calgary, bringing 2 new settlers to Canada.

Today, 17yrs later again, I am looking back and I am proud and happy about living in one of the finest countries in the world. Celebrating Canada Day today, reminds me to be thankful about what this country stands for: Freedom, Peace, Justice, Compassion and it's wonderful people. It's also the second largest country in the world.

Thank you CANADA. 


  1. What a wonderful story of following, now living your dream Happy Canada Day.

  2. May we all have many more Canada Day Celebrations.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Freedom.

    It's about time.

  3. Happy Canada Day! We've enjoyed traveling in your beautiful country and especially enjoyed the welcoming, laid back attitude of everyone we met.

  4. Happy Canada Day again from your southern neighbors.

  5. You are fortunate. Here in the states Trump has taken over the traditionally non-political 4th of July celebration and interjected himself into it to stroke his ego and make it into a military extravaganza.


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