Thursday, July 4, 2019

I Spoke To An American Couple Today

It's Independence Day and I drove an American Couple today. They were nearing 80yrs of age both of them. And they were from Arizona, a state where Democrats have made up the minority for very long. This couple was clearly not democrats, but they sure weren't in favor of the T-Rump administration either.

Let me be very clear that it was them starting to complain of the American government. As I cautiously asked why they didn't like their government they said: "He is a Con-Man and he is a shame for our country", which I agreed to.

Political topics are generally banned for all sightseeing tours, but I have had Americans in my bus many times before, and a lot of them have brought up the disaster in their government.

Today's exchange was certainly not the first one and it won't be the last one either, but it showed that probably a lot of life-long Republicans are getting very concerned, if not even angry with the shameful behavior of their President.

Let Independence Day be the day for the resolution to elect a democratic candidate in 2020.

I would love to fly the American flag again off our house, but this year it remains locked away.


  1. Because of our dictator we find ourselves losing our freedoms and democracy...Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) is "right" in criticizing Congress for becoming increasingly partisan, retweeting an op-ed penned by Amash in which he stated that "our politics is in a partisan death spiral."In the op-ed, Amash wrote that "we are fast approaching the point ... where Congress exists as little more than a formality to legitimize outcomes dictated by the president, the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader."

  2. 2/3 of the State of Arizona might be minority but the state votes republican usually. Most minorities I spoke to after election and who voted for Trump say they agree with limiting immigration from Mexico. I was totally surprised. A middle class Hispanic couple had moved from Nebraska to Arizona recently also agreed they definitely do not want any more immigrants from Mexico or South America. They couldn't give me a specific reason why they felt that way. Go figure.


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