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Friday, June 7, 2019

OMG Is It Really Summer?

After 2 rainy and unseasonably cold months, it borders to a wonder that the mercury reaches 70F during day time.
And look...the leaves are out and the lilac is getting ready to bloom.

I have been counting about 15 buds on our rhododendron. Tulips are blooming everywhere but in our garden. We don't have them as they made great food for rabbits. :-(
Bea has produced 40 tomato plants and sold them except the few we want to keep ourselves. A mild wind of the Bay of Fundy made for a wonderful beach walk with Dixie today. And I was taking a rest on a huge tree root which washed up on the beach a few years ago. (Couldn't resist to take a selfie...)

The warm weather has also brought out the first tourists and our vans have already been busy cruising the island.
     Above picture is actually from May 13 when a cruise ship was visiting the island.
Island summer residents have now returned and many islanders have been busy to get the summer homes ready for them. Water has to be turned on, repairs to be made and cleaners have gone through every room to shine up the interior and rid the many homes of the smell of winter.
Image result for new boat for campobello whale rescue team
Our Whale Rescue Team has gotten their new boat, a 30ft Zodiac with a Twin-engine Outbord, which will enable them to reach every point along the Canadian East Coast within few hours. 
Image result for new boat for campobello whale rescue team
The team set out rescuing whales from deadly entanglements many years ago and they ran it as volunteers until the Department of Fisheries and Oceans recognized their valuable work and bought them a new bigger boat, a truck and a trailer, plus paying them a suitable wage. 
Related image
Campobello Whale Rescue is the only whale rescue group on the east coast of Canada. In 2017 Co-Founder Joe Howlett was killed after freeing a whale from entanglement. The job is extremely dangerous, but these brave Campobello fishermen have rescued many whales from their certain and painful death.

Already, the first whales have been spotted. They migrate along the east coast to find food in the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy. And when the whales are here it will be summer. 

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  1. It sure is nice to finally see some warm weather again now we can enjoy some summer fun.


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