Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summer Comes In Bits And Pieces

After many days with pouring rain or at least 24-hour drizzle I am longing for some sunshine and some quality temperatures. However, it seems that summer is making a very slow entrance. Typically we get a couple of hours (if any) of sunshine, before dark clouds are conceiling the happy blue sky and cold wind casts make me running for a warm jacket again. Our temps are swinging from high 50s to mid 30s. We are out of firewood within the next 2 days and then the electric heater would have to take over. 

The leaves have finally made it out and the grass is growing, but flowers are rare to see, if you don't count a few trees starting to bloom. The forsythia is still in full bloom and that is unusual as well.

While forest fires are already raging out west, we got it soggy enough that a guy could lose his shoes in the mud. The forest trail I used to walk with Dixie requires rubber boots if wet feet is not what you want.

One day we took advantage of the drizzly day and planted a row of small spruce trees along the road. We want these to grow up to make a spruce hedge. I will make sure they are not getting any higher than 5-6ft. It will one day help to brake the wind coming off the bay.
Due to the wet ground they are all looking pretty good.
We planted some other trees behind the house as well.

I haven't introduced you to our new red firetruck. Well, it is fiery red and 14yrs. old. I bought the GMC Halfton for 1000 Bucks off a lady on the mainland. It'll cost another $1000 to fix it up, but the ting is still looking pretty decent for its age. It's a 2-wheel drive only, but that's all we need for our various around-the-island tasks. 

Bea goes gardening with it and I am hauling new firewood for the next winter. I am aware of that we have an awfully large vehicle park now, but we use all 4 of them.   


  1. Nice looking truck Peter,you could be a car dealer.It's 95 and humid down here in Florida.we'll be looking forward to some of those cool temperatures next week as we head back to Maine.

  2. Summer has finally arrived here in the desert. Coolest May on record for us. But temps are back up to normal - 99. So hang in there it's probably headed your way. Love the bright red truck.


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