Thursday, February 15, 2018

We Sold The Red Beast

They came before 10am and they left at around 11:30am. What they took with them was our red beast, the 1972 Ford LTD Convertible we have owned for more than 7 years. 

It had been advertised for sale as the engine had given me some trouble. It had been hard to start and I suspect the compression was weak. Also, I have only been driving it a few times every summer. It goes back to where it came from, northern New Brunswick.
There will be a replacement in a few weeks.

I am still in awe about this year's winter weather. Today we reached beyond 50F and I settled with a cup of coffee and a bite to eat outside in the nook of the rear entry in the sun. I also did a beach walk with Dixie again, a mild southern breeze in my face. My sprained ankle is getting better, but it still hurts a bit on longer walks, so I had to be cautious in the soft sand on the beach.

But this is where the good news ends. The next phone call to the Husky dealer revealed the verdict of my Husquarna chainsaw. It was damaged beyond repair. Cylinder and piston would have to be replaced. I guess I have to find a new chainsaw now.
Well, the good thing served me well for 15 years, so it was worth the $500 I spent in 2002.

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  1. Glad to see you're feeling better again. Hopefully the weather will warm up and you won't need that chainsaw anymore this year.


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