Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Windy Christmas Days

At –16C (3F) and a windchill of –24C (-11F) we are waking up to the 2nd. day after Christmas, the wind howling and rattling around the house. A look at my watch shows 6am. I have to go down and re-start the fire, before it gets too cold in the living room. I shiver as I walk down through the hallway, but the kitchen is a little warmer. Peeking into the dark living room I can feel that the stove is still warm. But the fire has died down. Not a problem. Dixie starts groaning in her crate and I let her out. Slowly, she emerges, stretching her legs and crawling up on my lap. When the fire is going good, I move to the kitchen to start the coffee.  Then I attempt to get Dixie outside. I am dressed like I go to the North Pole. (The pic below is from yesterday)


Dixie is hesitant to get out into the frigid dark morning, but I know she needs to go. I finally get her going with a treat. She’s very fast, runs straight back to the house.

With my first cup of coffee I cozy up on the couch – close to the fire. Dixie joins me.

I check the weather forecast for this week: It’s gonna stay extremely windy and extremely cold, with morning snow showers tomorrow.


Isn’t that something to look forward to?


  1. Peter you look like you could use a little Florida !

  2. Tell us again why you decided to forego your southwest travels this winter? Again?

    1. There are a couple of good reasons. One of them is the current political leadership in the U.S.


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