Thursday, December 21, 2017

Life And Death

When I was young I was never comtemplating
about Life and Death, but since I have seen family members and friends pass away, my views have changed to deeper grounds.

As we just have lost a friend and neighbour to cancer, the matter of dying is at the forefront of my mind again. Maybe it is just that my parents always shielded me from this most substantial matter of human life, but I still struggle with the fact that someone close, someone I knew and someone I just talked to is gone forever and will never be there again. Sure, we all know that everybody, whether rich or poor, some day will go, but from there arriving at the factual passing away, is still a huge step for me.  In my mind I am playing over and over the last conversation, the last discussion, the last words. Likewise the image of the person, as I saw it the last time, will never fade. I can wake up at night mulling over and over what just happened, and it will keep me from falling asleep again.
This is a complicated matter for me to speak about at all, so bear with me if this just sounds like a big mumble-jumble. It does help me to write things down, almost like it is manifesting its meaning, becoming the unchangeable truth.

Whether I will ever get better at dealing with Life and Death I don’t know.


  1. Thanks for putting in words my exact thoughts on dying.

  2. Just as I believe in Rainbow Bridge for our lost animal friends,I believe the same for people too.God has given you Dixie to help you transition losing Molly and I'm sure Dixie has some of Molly's traits. God also gives us new friends with some of the traits and nuances of our old friends so that you will never forget them and perhaps we shall all meet again.

  3. I get what you are saying and deal with the loss of someone much the same way. Death also makes me realize how valuable each and every minute is. My motto is to live life to the fullest each day.


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