Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunny Sunday Thoughts

And again it is Sunday, a sunny day on Campobello. The mugginess of the past days is gone, the wind direction has changed from south to north, making sitting outside pleasant. So here I am, on our delightful porch, reminiscing and pondering. I have just consumed 2 big mugs of coffee and ditto portions of icecream.
Yesterday, I was just about leaving our driveway when I saw Bruce and his dog coming up the street. I waited for him to come up to the vehicle. Bruce lives in Maine and has a house on the island. We have never hung out together, but met in various places around the island. His house is just up the street and it’s for sale.
As he was standing beside the van, our conversation quickly turned to the current events on the political stage in the U.S.  I know that Bruce is disgusted with the Trump administration, so we rehashed what had happened and why there still seems to be a a third of the American people supporting an insane president. Bruce said the folks he had spoken to always brought up that the alternative would have been Hillary and that so many people hate Hillary’s guts. I don’t doubt that Hillary was the wrong choice for the Dems and that her personal bagage was too heavy to lead to victory, even though she in fact got 3 million more votes than “the Donald”. But it should have been more and her support should have been in more states.

But I think history will run its course. At the end of the day, the overall damage will be huge and it will take many years and maybe several presidents and governments to get the political stage repaired again. Both parties will have to change. The GOP must quit their ultra conservative ways and turn towards modern times, and the Dems must relinquish their “eliterian” thinking and actions increasing their appeal towards the lower income population. Meanwhile, the toll to pay will be remarkable, but every country has lived through problematic times. The U.S. has relinquished its role in world leadership and China is ready to take over. It is the analogy to the Roman Empire, and it puzzles me that the same historic mistakes  are being done over and over and over again, without any sign of learning from the past. The mistakes being that a ruling class is guilty of extortion thus creating inequality. It is human nature to revolt against their rulers after decades of being taken advantage of.

Yet, sitting on our porch, I am satisfied that so many Americans have come to me expressing their horrors and disgust with what is going on in their country. It gives me hope that the majority of Americans have the power to change the direction of their social-political fate. America has always been a beacon of freedom in a world of dictatorships. The bi-elections of 2018 will show whether the will to correct the political course is gonna be strong enough.


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