Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Preventive Weather Forecast

I guess we all like sunshine and nice weather, and we all get deeply disappointed, if the weather turns nasty when we have already planned our outdoor activities. And that is precisely why the guys at have adopted a “preventive weather forecast”. It prevents you from planning ANYTHING outdoorsy for the foreseeable future. The days ahead seem to be dominated by dark clouds, showers, periods of rain and to make it look real sometimes the showers occur am and then again pm. Just in order to not awake suspicion, they throw in one sunny day or, if that seems too optimistic, they try “CLOUDY” making you stow away your shorts and short-sleeves shirts for another sunny day.
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Clearly, preventive weather forecasts are a new invention, for during our time on the east coast we have rarely, if ever, seen such a chain of rainy predictions.

Whether all this really happens we will see, but it sure hampers my outdoor activity planning.


  1. Whether to weather or not that is the question !

  2. Your forecast is just about the same as ours here in sw Ontario. hmm...


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