Monday, July 25, 2016

Cooped Up And Cold Coffee

I’d never thought that it would last this long, but for days we have been under a heat wave which seems to suck all energy out of me. And here I am drinking cold coffee, even though I normally hate cold coffee. However, I am not gonna fill myself up with steaming hot coffee when the outside temps are in the mid-to-upper 80s, like it has been several days now.
Highly unusual to have such temps on Campobello, where it borders to suicide to cool off in the freezing cold waters of the Bay of Fundy. Nah…I’d rather stick to cold coffee.

Once in a while we see some dark clouds rolling up and they turn out to hold some thunder, a few rain showers and then the heat is back on. The only place where it is alright is inside the house. Amazingly, it stays cool inside even without an air condition. So we are cooped up.

In an hour I have to drive across the border for getting an oil change for the van. Just the thought makes me cringe, cause I have to wait in the steaming hot garage until the boys are done with the van. Yesterday’s drive with a couple of tourists was so hot that I had thoughts of quitting. When we came down to Herring Cove Beach I saw people roasting on the beach. Are they crazy?
Sorry, I have no pics today for how can I photograph HEAT?


  1. I hate heat waves. I also hate cold waves. I'm still waiting for the perfect wave.


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