Monday, July 11, 2016

After 31 Years….We Met Again.

One of the last things Alain did for me was helping me change an engine on a 1967 FORD Station Wagon. It was November and the year 1985. After that we exchanged a few emails every year, and I never thought I’d see the fellow again.
But 2 years ago I suggested to come and visit us on Campobello Island. And he made true of it. Yesterday Alain came riding up from New York with his wife and the youngest of 2 daughters. When the phone rang yesterday afternoon I knew it was them. They had already checked into their motel and I drove up to bring them to our house. What followed was an endless catching-up conversation.
You just don’t cover 31 years in a few sentences or even hours. And today we continued talking.
I showed them Head Harbour Lightstation and after lunch we simply went to the beach. The pictures will tell the story but for new readers I would like to mention that the beach is at the Bay of Fundy and that the water may have 10C (50F) and that it feels very, very cold on your feet f you step out into the water. Indeed, you have the feeling your feet are gonna fall off.
But that did not scare our French visitors of doing just that. As you can see the weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous.

So what we found out of each other is that none of us has changed. we are still having the same type of lively conversations as we had 31 years ago. Of course our looks have changed, and yet I would have recognized Alain on the sidewalk. What an amazing experience!  I would love to have them here a whole week or…..hell as permanent neighbours. These folks are just so nice.

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  1. I have found memories of swapping engines an a few of my old cars way back when.
    So nice to reconnect again with friends from you past.
    The ocean water there on the East coast is much too cold to actually enjoy, you sure cool off in a hurry.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Sometimes years can be quickly erased just by getting together again. Sounds like a good time for sure.


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