Sunday, June 26, 2016

All Flags Out–It’s International Marathon Day

We may be the smallest and youngest community in Canada but we have great minds and big dreams turning into reality.
Over the past 4 years the two communities of Lubec,ME and Campobello Island have been host to an International Marathon event.
1-DSC_0604Today is runners day and about 800 runners have crosed the FDR International Bridge. They started at shortly after 6am Atlantic Time and were running through the Welshpool Intersection from 8am. 2 constables of the RCMP were making sure all traffic was getting through without putting runners in danger.
Somewhere between 4-5000 people had found food and accommodation in the wider area. Needless to say no empty bed nor room was to be found anywhere within a 50 mile circle. I love it when weather is great and today was no exception, but I’m sure the runners would have appreciated a few degrees less. We had 24C during the afternoon. Luckily, a very nice breeze sprang up around 2pm making the temps so much nicer. Overall it was (and still is) one of the best summer days one can ask for. After watching the runners for a while I settled on our porch with a cool Blueberry Beer and later a cream cake with strawberries. Oh, what a delight!

Marathon day is always a free day for me as we can’t run tours across the island. With one lane reserved for the runners, there is only one lane all along and one has to drive very slow for not putting anyone in danger.

But “work” will commence soon enough though I keep saying touring around with guests is no work to me. In truth I love it and it is the best I ever did. The many happy people enjoying this island makes my days.
Molly is kinda relaxed and naps at the porch. I wonder what she is dreaming about.


  1. Gotta love this summer weather , enjoy it while it is here.

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