Saturday, March 7, 2015


While the Keystone XL pipeline discussion continues, another crude oil rail transport has derailed in Ontario, causing rail cars ending up in a river and a blasting fire. I think it’s safe to say that rail transport of oil is not secure. Maybe companies take shortcuts on safety. Already we have heard voices demanding that rail lines would have to avoid populated areas.
train derailment gogama mar 7 15
The alternative to rail would be more pipelines, but Pres. Obama has fired a strong salvo towards Canada. (see CBC link down below)

Needless to say it wasn’t received very well in Canada. Would the American reaction be the same without having discovered oil on U.S. territory? Maybe not.

Meanwhile, Alberta’s Premier Jim Prentice has said that Albertans “should look in the mirror”, meaning the entire population is at fault for causing the economic slow-down. Or did he really mean the excessive use of public funds for exclusive luxury expenses the Alberta government thought to be entitled to?
It’s gotta be the gaffe of the year. Angry Albertans have been meeting with mirrors in front of the legislative building demanding the Premier to look into HIS mirror. How can a Premier say something so stupid??

Jim Prentice must be utterly dismayed over Pres. Obama’s latest announcement, especially after lobbying American politicians for goodwill towards  the Keystone XL which might have helped Alberta’s economy.

Yup, Alberta is in turmoil.


  1. A majority of residents of BC, including me, do not want the dirty tar sands oil to flow through pipelines in our province to the west coast either. In that, we are in agreement with President Obama.

    If the oil companies really want to export the tar sandsoil from Alberta they should refine it first in Alberta to save the rest of the continent from devastating oil spills.

    1. Rick, I agree 100%. Having a pipeline through BC is downright crazy. Just look at the terrain it would have to cross. Refineries in Alberta would make a lot of sense and create way more work than any pipeline.


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