Monday, March 16, 2015

And How Do We Like Big City Life?

Over my entire life I have been hating big cities. The thought of having to beat traffic, of having potential low-life neighbourhoods around me – yes the entire hustle-bustle of a big city has put me off.
I still maintain that big cities are not my preferred place for living,
BUT, over the course of the past year I have been adapting to this “other” form of life. My adaptation came with the appreciation of having certain qualities in close proximity.  Mostly it is the fact that I don’t have to drive 80 miles to get to a shopping centre. Likewise I enjoy meeting strangers (like I always did) along the trails. Of course, the actual neigbourhood we are part of, has a huge impact of how we experience the city.
Ever since we started to be house sitters in this lovely old-time neigbourhood with its stately tree-lined streets, our appreciation of life in the city has soared. And in spite of having city traffic not far away we have enjoyed an extremely quiet neighborhood with nature hiking trails less than 200 yards away.

A little bit more than one more month and we will be moving back into our trailer. With that comes also a change of neighborhood.

Naturally, we are still appalled by the level of crime in this city. Stabbings and drug-related violence is part of the daily menu in Edmonton, as it is in every large city.

And frankly, having this beautiful island we call home, way back in the east is a re-assurance that we always can return to our quiet island life. I don’t know who is most home-sick of us. I would rather return today than tomorrow and I think Bea feels the same way.

And we are slowly developing plans for the coming summer. At some point it will include Bea returning to Campobello Island. But we will have to wait until the incredible amount of snow on the east coast has turned into water again.  Just a few days ago the Maritimes have again been pounded with yet another snow storm. All that while Alberta has enjoyed spring-time temperatures up to 16C (60.8F).

A while back I was writing about Molly having digestive problems. I am happy to say that these problems have been overcome. Molly is back in her usual good spirits. Every time I am coming home from a charter tour I am overwhelmed of joy by seeing Molly wagging her tail in the door frame. She is 12 years old and has never had serious health problems. People we meet think she is around 5 years old, that’s how good-looking she is. Over the past years she has also developed social skills with other dogs. While she in early life never even cared to “greet” other dogs, she is now a confident lady and walks straight up to other dogs wagging her tail.

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  1. I like have a big city fairly close but not too close. I much prefer the smaller towns but the bigger ones may have things we need occasionally. You have such a beautiful home on the island. I understand why you are yearning to return.

  2. You have managed very well despite the various circumstances. Love both of those photos, great cityscape.

  3. We humans have an amazing ability to adapt to our circumstances & that includes big cities if necessary. I lived in Toronto for awhile back in the late 60's & actually enjoyed it for the most part. Of course adapting to things is always much easier when one is younger it seems. At this stage living in a big city or close to one would not be a voluntary choice for me.

  4. We have learned to adapt to the city life because of Jim's medical issues. However, since we are on the eastern outskirts of Apache Junction, it really doesn't feel too much like a big city. I can totally understand your desire to head back to your island. Hopefully in a month or so the weather will cooperate. I just can't believe Molly is 12. So glad her digestive problems are under control. They really do bring all the joy and love possible in our lives.


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