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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 22 2011

We worked a bit in the morning, cleaning up around the old farmhouse. Weather was a bit on the cool side, but great for work. In the afternoon we made for Bisbee. We wanted to renew our acquaintance with this special mining town. First we went to see the Mining Museum. It is really worth a visit, but you can't take pictures there.

After walking through the museum we needed a rest. So we turned into the Queen Hotel's bar and sat outside on the porch. 
A walk-about in town was the next thing we were up to. We climbed stairs walked steep streets - this town is build right onto the hillside. From elevated locations one has a great view over the old buildings. Bisbee has the charm of  an Italian Mountain Village. But it seems that the recession has had an impact on Bisbee as well. Quite a few storefronts were empty and up for rent.

When Bisbee mines closed down in the 70's a bunch of Hippys arrived in town. And it was these people who revived Bisbee and gave it a new life. When walking the town you will see now old Hippies in quite a few places. There sense of architecture and decoration has put a stamp on the town.

    The influx of Hippy culture....

    The charm of a Mediterranean town...

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