Monday, March 21, 2022

Flying In To North Carolina

 Had a good nights sleep in a Georgia rest area, where we even found another dump station.

Early out on the road
Palmettos, the State Tree of South Carolina

Before we knew it, we had reached South Carolina at Fayetteville where we said Goodbye to the trusty I-20 which had led us all the way from West Texas. 

From there on we were north-bound on the I-95 which runs right up to Canada.

Lots of swamps in South Carolina

North Carolina was the next State today where we found an accommodating Walmart in Smithfield.

Gas prices are now higher, but that was no surprise to us.

Coming from the Alabama and Georgia where we have already seen lots of blooming trees and lots of green shrubs, we realize that spring has not fully sprung here in North Carolina. Yet the grass is green along the highway, but many trees still have a long way to go, before showing their green summer dress.

Tomorrow we will reach Lewes,VA where we are gonna spend the night and take the Cape May ferry in the morning.


  1. Rain and snow predicted here in Maine for Thursday.

  2. Glad you are safely making your way home without any problems and hopefully you'll also beat the weather.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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