Thursday, February 10, 2022


 And so the saga rolls on....

Our German friends arrived Bullhead City,AZ  in time to take a look at Laughlin,NV the gambling city across the Colorado. While there, they parked their rig in a wide open parking lot across from a casino and decided for supper in the casino restaurant. They went to bed early as they planned to be at the MDV office for their level2 inspection early the next morning.

When Gerhard started the motorhome next morning he couldn't believe the noise he heard. Something was fundamentally wrong with their exhaust pipe. He had to crawl underneath to find out that thieves had cut out the catalytic converter, leaving the pipe wide open!

Now what? Could they still get their inspection? 

Petra took the Suzuki down first. As I had anticipated, all the ADOT-officer did was checking the VIN number. And while the guy was back in the office, Gerhard sneaked the motorhome into the parking lot for inspection. 

Thank God, they got their registration and titles for both vehicles. 

Next was a stop by a car repair where somebody weldet a pipe into the gaping hole where the catalytic converter had been just 18hours earlier.

It is a temporary solution only, but at least they were able to return to Yuma, where they spent the night.

Today is Gerhard's birthday and we would have wished a better surprise for him than someone stealing a part from their motorhome.


  1. Car dealership in Kitchener, ON. Had 15 cat. conv. stolen overnight. (KELLY)

  2. Oh no. That's horrible. But it is really a growing problem here in the states. It only takes about 3 minutes for them to steal it. I am so sorry.

  3. People in San Diego often have those converters stolen,it can take 2 months to get another shipped to them from overseas.

  4. That's really sad that someone would do that. It will be expensive to replace. I hope the insurance will cover the cost.


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