Monday, January 31, 2022

Look Who Came Today

Yesterday we got new camp neighbours. Petra and Gerd arrived from Germany. 

In the fall of 2019 the German couple purchased a nice motorhome in Vancouver BC. Their idea to travel through large parts of North America began in October that year. Through a Facebook group we got into contact with them. We told them where they could camp at almost no cost - the Holtville Hot Springs LTVA near the city of El Centro, CA. They followed our advice and got to know a lot of nice people there. The very same people we also know. At one point they also went down the Baja for some time, but then returned to Holtville. 

Then the Pandemic hit. Flights got canceled and restrictions imposed for international travel. It was March 2020.

Petra and her husband Gerd got worried about how to get back to Germany. It seemed no flights were available anymore. They even considered a cruise ship to Europe for their return. But that was canceled as well.

Finally, they found one of the last flights out of Phoenix,AZ. Their nice motorhome, a Damon Challenger, got parked in a vehicle storage. Petra had no idea when they would be able to return.

Fast forward to November 2021. more than 20 months had passed since they had left the US, always thinking of their interrupted journey. Could they start thinking of returning?

Around Christmas, Gerd broke a rib and they had to postpone any further plans for a return to Phoenix. It seemed quite hopeless. 

Meanwhile they had found out that BC insurance would not renew their policy. The only way to get the motorhome back on the road would be to import it to the US, get a title and then sell it. 

I was able to supply them with respective information about how to do it. And one day this month, Petra sent me a message.  that they had booked their flights back to Phoenix,AZ.

After getting a temporary license for 30 days they came over to see us today.

They still have to go down to a border station to see a CBP-officer, but at least their motorhome is back in use.

We had never met in person, but it is safe to say that we were immediately "on the same page" with this nice couple from the German State of SAARLAND.

Tonight we had dinner with them under our awning. We share the love for dogs with them and Dixie was friendly to them from the first moment.

We are now  looking forward to a great fellowship for the next 6-7weeks.

I hope, tomorrow, I will be back on the subject with photos.

On a different note I have been able to finish up the "repairs" of various dental problems. I am now sporting 2 new bridges and an uninterrupted row of teeth. No more gaps, Sir!  Talk about a renewed infrastructure!!

And I even got myself a new pair of eyeglasses! Btw. I found it mindboggling that the optometrist was able to get these eyeglasses within less than 48hrs, while we regularly have to wait 8-10 days in Canada for new eye glasses. Even if the price level wouldn't be so much lower in Mexico, I would have preferred to shop there compared with Canada. 

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