Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Trip To The Golf Course

 I must admit, the headline of this posting could imply something that is not true. So no, I have not taken up chasing a stupid little ball down the green of a golf course. That would be utter nonsense, as I despise all ball games, and that includes golf. Besides, it's the middle of October and the golf course is closed, which is exactly the reason why I have started using it for hikes with Dixie. And just like the previous 12 days, the weather was flawless. Pure utter sunshine out of a cloudless blue sky is just what I love so much in October. Actually it has been downright hot many days, having me pulling out my shorts again. 

A great place to walk your dog around here is indeed the golf course. Just look at today's photos and you could start nodding your head.

 We got gorgeous fall colours on the island. 

Before my delightful afternoon walk, I had the pleasure of touring a few friends around the island. And nothing is more rewarding than doing this on a clear sunny day. So, it was a great day for everyone.

In a few days we might hear news from the US-Government regarding the opening of the border. If it's gonna happen we will finally be able to plan our stay down south. Aah, how I am looking forward to this.

UPDATE This morning breaking news: The US border will be open for vaccinated Canadians and Canadian residents from the beginning of November!!!!!

      I love it when daddy goes to the golf course with me!

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