Saturday, September 4, 2021

Uih --- September Already, But Is Summer over?

 It's the Labour Day weekend already and I can't but wonder where did the summer go? Well, no it's not snowing or anything yet, but by golly, the temps have been creeping downwards with this morning showing 10C and a cold northerly wind blowing down the beach, making me don a sweater and a warm jacket. Beautiful sunny day and clear views across the Bay of Fundy over to Grand Manan. 

Yellow flowers growing along the edge of the beach. The fresh fallish air feels invigorating and I notices the same also with Dixie. 

September and Labour Day has been marking the end of summer for so many people every year. Cabins are being closed up, campers are going to be parked for the winter. The good thing here on Campobello is that it'll still be another month until we see the beginning of a change of colours in the woods.

For me this is the time to reflect about what we have done and achieved over the last 3 months.

The first big project was the insulating of 2 walls of our house. It was a project that kept me busy much longer than first expected. Strangely, I got a lasting memory of it as I noticed a pronounced pain in my left hip. Did I labour too hard? Did I sprain a muscle? I don't know, but I am still bothered with it from time to time, and it reminds me daily of my age going onto the 7th decade. Geez.......

But we did take a break from work when we hitched on the trailer and went over to Grand Manan. It proved to be a very delightful camping trip.

Being back to the island, our tour and rental business came back to life. The first guests arrived in late June and from there it has just been picking up. 

July and August were hot and often humid, but the weather was good for our garden where Bea had tomato plants growing. Also cucumbers, squash and peppers have been doing great in our greenhouse. 

Most recently we have been harvesting tomatoes a pound daily. Eventually we gave away to friends and neighbours. Bea even made an attempt with a farm stand in the local saturday market. 

Most delightful were my morning walks with Dixie along the beach. We listened to the singing of the grey seals who had chosen to use the area for the many rocks sticking up from the water under low tide. Some were always lounging in the morning sun, while others were busy prowling the waters for something edible.

Some days it was extremely foggy, others were full of delightful sunshine.

Identical views from clear weather to extreme fog

One day a guest had the most memorable experience while visiting Raccoon Beach. He was the only tour guest that day and had paid for two, which is our minimum. We had walked down the stairs to the beach when he asked me for 15 extra minutes on that beach. He told me he was up for a swim!!! From the van he fetched water shoes, and a towel and went into the cold water (14C) While I was watching from the top of the stairs he was plunging and splashing in the water like any kid. But then suddenly he got out and was standing on the shore staring out into the water. After a minute or two he went back in and by the time he was done, he had been out there 10 minutes flat. When he came up the stairs again I asked him why he had been out of the water briefly. His explanation made me smile. He had seen a black head stick up from the water looking at him with interest. The grey seal who had looked at him must have scared him, as he had heard stories of great white sharks prowling the bay. 

I love my job! 

From one of the island gardens Bea brought a load of plums home. And what she made of it was a heavenly delicious German-style plum cake. A feast not only for the eyes but especially for the taste buds. Man, I had a hard time to stop eating.

So, when summer and autumn comes to an end and Christmas will be only a month away, we have plans to travel to see the old stomping grounds of the south-western deserts. There will be only a few of our friends we once have been hanging out with, but we will make new friends and enjoy the warmer days, while snow showers will come down on our home up north. 

A broken Adirondeck plastic chair sitting in the beach grass


  1. Do you know something about the US land border opening or are you flying to the warm desert? We really miss the south west desert.
    Jody from Alberta

    1. Hello Jody, well. the border cannot stay closed for ever and we believe it will open, if not on September 21 than a month or two later. We will have to drive and take our RV.

  2. Pflaumenkuchen.......mmmmm my favorite. Looks like you two have had a fun productive summer, hope they open that border for you.


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