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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Have YOU Been Vaccinated?

Today I spoke to a distant relative of Bea. She is around 90yrs of age and lives in a nursing home in Denver, CO. When I asked her about her vaccination status she told me that her doctor told her not to take the vaccine, as he (the doctor) would not take it himself nor for his wife and his children.

I must say I was quite shocked about so much stupidity coming from this doctor.

Then I read a report about current covid vaccinations status in the US, and I just could not believe that a total of 26%  of the US population are refusing a vaccination against the Corona Virus. Not so surprising though is the fact that most of these are republicans who either still think that the pandemic is a hoax or just another form of the flu. If that percentage of the US population will stay unvaccinated, the US will not reach herd immunity. That again means that the virus will continue to go rampant and build new variants.

The result of such foolish behavior is, of course, that Americans will stay in a state of emergency with consequential restrictions of travel and free movement. I can asure you that the border to Canada will stay closed for unvaccinated travelers and that airlines will demand a vaccination certificate before entering a flight. So much for free movement. 

In the case of Bea's relative in Denver, it is totally unbelievable that a doctor is refusing to get vaccinated and rather spread some wild theories of some undisclosed ingredients in the vaccine, thereby risking the life of seniors.

They say, "you can't fix stupid", and has there ever been a statement more true?


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  2. Unfortunately not limited to Americans. Check out details in today's CBC story on MPP Randy Hillier's antics at a Kemptville anti-lockdown rally. Talk about irresponsible! Gord.

    1. Oh yes, the problem is pertaining to most countries. Thank you QAnon.

  3. We are both fully vaccinated. And I'll take the booster shot if we need it. The doctor wouldn't be mine if he told me that. All our docs said get it as soon as you can.

  4. The whole time that I was reading your post, I was thinking, “you can’t fix stupid.” Yep, pretty much. You can literally see the death/hospitalization rates drop to nearly zero in fully vaccinated populations.

  5. :You are correct- can’t fix stupid- just figure,there will be a lot less of those folks— Darwin would understand.
    Enjoy your blog & snapshot of your island; all the best.

  6. A Florida man and his three sons were accused in federal court of selling tens of thousands of bottles of bleach that were marketed as a "miracle cure" for the coronavirus and other illnesses, authorities said.
    According to court documents, the family manufactured the solution in a backyard shed in Bradenton, about 45 miles south of Tampa. Through what the documents describe as an "avowedly" nonreligious church called Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, the solution was marketed and sold as a cure-all for cancer, autism, diabetes and other disorders and diseases, according to the documents.

    The documents say the family had a massive jump in revenue — from an average of $32,000 a month to $123,000 — after they began marketing the solution as a Covid-19 cure in March 2020.

    The family has sold more than 28,000 bottles, earning more than $1 million, the documents say.

    Apparantly repukkkikans have a better way to deal with the virus and their freedoms.

  7. That Doctor has to be a Republican (Trumper). There are businesses not far from us refusing entry to anyone who has been Vaccinated saying they will contaminate there businesses. (Conspiracy Believers).
    We want to be part of the solution not the problem and are just waiting for our second Vaccine.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. I wonder if anyone will report this doctor to some authorities that can over rule his directions.
    I hope someone does. My doctor was thrilled when I told him I was getting the prick. We received our first one on April the first, but need to wait 16 weeks for our second one which we look forward to. Elaine May on Vancouver Island.


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