Monday, March 29, 2021

Another long and cold After-Winter

 It is the same every year. When snow and ice have disappeared, we have to drag ourselves through a long windy, wet and mostly cold after-winter. Officially, spring has started, but remains out of sight. Rain showers are followed by wintry-mix, and when we finally have a warm and sunny day, we can be sure that the following day will be extra miserable. How I ever hate this time of the year. It's not fish nor meat. I hate sitting idle on the couch and being relegated to peppering Facebook with unnecessary comments. My whatsapp account is running over with pictures, and my contacts must be wondering where I find the time to do all this posting. I used to read lots of books and used to find enjoyment with it, but lately my eyes have gone tired after a few pages. I attribute that to my poor reading glasses I got some time back. So when in town lately, I dropped by the optometrist and got an appointment for new eyeglasses. Hope that'll help me reading. Have tried the bifocals for years and it's worse.

So what else I have been up to?

You wouldn't guess it: I have been quarantined for 2 weeks by an idiot customs officer. Here's what happened:

You'll remember the Jeep disaster? Well after we got a new bord computer I had to send the old one off to the company within 7 days. Otherwise, they would have voided the warranty for the new unit and charged me with $125 fee for the core. They had also provided me with a paid Fedex return label. 

With the package in my car, I went across the border to the nearest Fedex station, which is a simple dropbox 40miles south of the border. Returning to the island immediately without stopping anywhere else, I was presented with a real surprise when arriving at the CBSA border station.

The CBSA officer on duty deemed my trip non-essential and punished me by sending me into federal quarantine in my home. My point that I never was in any office or in any contact with any American was ignored. I was told that if I had grabbed a gallon of milk at the local grocery store, I would have been "fine".  This piece of advice I deem the most grotesque, as I would have had to enter a US store for that and expose myself to a possible Covid infektion,

Needless to say, I was flustered and mad. Campobello Island residents have a federal exemption from being barred of going into the US for "essential goods and service", which are not available on the island, and they are not to be quarantined for those trips. So, to make matters worse, not only were we having bad weather, but now I had to stay home. One day, I even was visited by a police officer who was checking on me staying home.  

As outrageous as this might sound, I fully realize that this regimen is why Canada kept a rather low infektion rate. But reason should have been applied when I required the service of a mail courier company not serving Campobello.

Well, I am done with it now and still waiting for the weather to improve.

Meanwhile, Bea has been busy with putting tiny seeds into black soil to produce all kind of vegetable plants. She even bought a grow-light and several other remedies to make it work. If and when the sun peeks out, our greenhouse is warming up quickly, but we need the nights to stay frostfree before starting to move the tiny plants into the greenhouse. So for now they stay in our heated entryway.

And here's some other good news: Bea and I will get vaccinated on March 31 right here at the local pharmacy. That means that we won't have to be afraid to get infected with Covid, mind you, we will still follow the rules and wear our masks in public.


  1. Always someone who thinks they know the rules better then everyone else.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your spring freedom.

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Easter, we're headed back to Maine in 2 weeks,hope it warms up soon so we can get our garden started.

    1. You are a bit farther south than us and I assume spring will have sprung by the time you get back to Maine. Happy Easter!


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