Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What A Busy Day!

 I had a hunch that we would get a busy day today. The furniture store in the big city had told us that our new 3-Seater would be delivered today. Now, "Delivered" does not mean it would get to our front porch. No Sir, there are no deliveries to Campobello Island. Especially not during these Covid times as no company would send their employees through the US to deliver anything. We are in a truly remote area of the country and there is a price to pay for such luxury. What was set out to happen today was that we would have to drive 60 miles to meet the furniture truck in St. Stephen for transferring our sofa from their truck to our van. And we had been informed (warned) that the delivery guys would not help us re-loading the sofa into our van and that we would have to stay away from them. 

OK, it's a Covid measure and anyway, I had no intention of giving these guys a hug. LOL.

Since we needed a lot of extra kitchen supplies for the coming holidays Bea would drive the small van (with Dixie being a passenger), while I would drive the long van where the sofa would fit it. Of course, yesterday, I had removed 3 rows of seats from the bus to make room.

So this morning we were in contact with the store which let us know that their truck was already in St. Stephen. So we got in a bit of a hurry loading ourselves behind the wheels and heading towards the border.

Bea was ahead of me and I watched her passing through the CBP checkpoint. Then it was my turn. The CBP officers are always extremely friendly and ready to make a funny comment. So when the older officer asked me about where I was heading I told him that I was going to St.Stephen for a sofa pickup.

"How many vehicles are needed for a sofa pickup"? was his comment. "I'm just curious".

We both had a good laugh of it and I explained that Bea would have to do some shopping in town, while I would be returning with the furniture right away.

When my phone rang, it was the truck driver wanting to know a meeting time. 

As agreed, we met with the truck about 75 minutes later. They unloaded the couch, then pulled away, and Bea and yours-truly slid the package through the rear door of the van. I had put a couple of planks on the floor and it made the loading really easy.

For the return trip to the island I took over Dixie which would save her from waiting in the van while Bea was doing her shopping.

Another 60 miles and 75 minutes later I again had passed customs on the island. 

I backed the bus straight up to our porch and, using the planks, I could slide the thing right onto the porch deck.

Of course I had a ball with lifting and pushing the sofa through 2 door ways, and when Bea came home it was almost done.

So tonight we are tired but happy campers with our new sofa.


  1. That sofa was a lot of work but it looks wonderful in your place. Enjoy.

  2. Looks like you will enjoy your new Sofa. Glad your back recovered.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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