Sunday, August 9, 2020

You Still Don't Believe It?

This posting is for you, who still don't believe the seriousness of the ongoing pandemic.

Bea has a relative in Denver, CO. The lady lives in a nursing home. It is a home owned and run by the church. There has been no deaths cases due to the coronavirus in that home. It is well run and they are cautious. 

Once in a while the old lady calls us to have a chat. Weeks ago we talked about the virus epidemic and she said she thought it was the flu or flu-like. Nothing much to worry about. We didn't argue with her - we never do.

Yesterday, she called again.

And she told us how refrigerated trucks had been placed around Denver to store the dead bodies. Outside, they had a 100F so the trucks were running their cooling units for full power. Crematories could not keep up with the need. Infected bodies cannot be buried but must be cremated. Hence the need for the storage.

I think the old lady is scared.

2 days ago, I spoke to a couple from Ontario. Their province and the province of Quebec have been hardest hit by the virus. The couple lives in Ottawa. Not far from where they live, they have a nursing home. The capacity of the home is 160 seniors. Of those, 95 had been hit with the virus. Of those being infected 50 died.

A terrible death toll.  

Also in Canada, we have privately run nursing homes. Their management must turn out a profit. A pandemic is serious business and for the management it means they will lose their profit when emergencies need to be met with heightened attention to detail and increased staffing, and more often than not, it will not be done. Negligent nursing homes are now facing lawsuits from their patient's families.

Of course, there are thousands of terrible Covid cases and Covid stories out there. Yet, there are still many people who believe the Covid-19 is a hoax helping the government to control the population.

How blind and ignorant must a person be to maintain this attitude? 


  1. Ignorance is bliss.Ignorance can appear in three different types: factual ignorance (absence of knowledge of some fact), object ignorance (unacquaintance with some object), and technical ignorance (absence of knowledge of how to do something).

  2. I live in Colorado near Denver---there are NO refrigerator trucks in sight----I think your friend must have thought she was watching the news from Denver but they were reporting Texas. Anyway, Colorado is doing fairly well covid in spite of our potus. Enjoy your blog. And true remarks when it comes to that dummy in our WH.

    1. If that is the case, I am more than glad to hear that. I love CO and Denver as a great place and have been staying there many times.

  3. Washington state is having a resurgence of the covid, schools will not reopen and businesses are fairly closed toooo..up in seattle the police chief retired at 55 because of the actions of those yahoos who think to destroy businesses for the BLM movement..our town is building schools but they won't reopen in the fall or anytime soon..we used to live in the suburb of aurora colorado and the BLM movement has gotten way out of is a lovely country Colorado just like California used to be but no morea..nursing homes here will let yu visit if your are immediate family only in limited space and always scrubbed down on one had to wear layers of protectice clothing..Whatever medical company that comes up witht he vaccine I am all for, it cannot come fast enough..enjoy your column, have a peaceful, healthy and happy week to you and yours!!!!!!!!


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