Sunday, June 14, 2020

Corona Summer

The beaches are empty.
The parking lots are empty.
The motels are empty.
The trails are empty.
The roads are empty.
The visitor centers are empty.
The summer homes are empty.
The viewpoints are empty.


As a guy who loves what he's doing, I am feeling sad when I see all this emptiness, knowing that just outside of our little enclave people are eager to fill up this emptiness, but they can't as a tiny little virus, not even visible, has changed so much with us and our society. 
 EMPTY: The Roosevelt Cottage

EMPTY: The Prince Cafe and Cottage

I think of this day last year when I had taken people around the island and seen their happy faces and big smiles.
People came from all walks of life and from other countries.
EMPTY: Mulholland Point Lighthouse
Lighthouse overlooking the narrows to Lubec, ME
Also EMPTY: The FDR Memorial Bridge

 Also a victim of COVID-19: This cruise ship came the other night to Eastport, ME. It is empty of cruise passengers. The ship couldn't find another port to stay in. The multi-national crew is not allowed ashore and has to stay on board for several months. The ship is so huge that it blocks the view of the city. When will it leave again?
EMPTY: The Roosevelt dock. The park which will stay closed over the summer, hasn't even put the dock in.

They marveled about our huge tides, our whales, our seals playing at Mulholland Point and the rushing water at the Narrows, and our beautiful views all over.

Tomorrow starts the local ferry to Deer Island. New Brunswickers are allowed to visit the island, but will they come? 


  1. Hang in there,Peter...the tourists are feeling bad that they can't come and will return as soon as they can.

  2. And your hospital beds are empty from Covid 19. That is the blessing behind the emptiness.


  3. It's a sad situation when humans toy with biological warfare and I believe the virus was enhanced biologically to do what it is doing now. However, it got away from the lab and infected us all. Of course it's a political game with our so called leaders...our leader managed to kill 123,000 of us because he believes it's a hoax and advising us to drink Clorox. That is why we no longer can visit relatives, eat out, go to theater, visit parks, libraries, museums and many other things we enjoy. I long to travel back to NYC or visit the oceans but I can't...because I don't want to get the virus and I don't want to infect others if I'm asymptomatic. Go ahead bash our US politics and our so call leaders, it makes me feel better that others stand with us and we are not alone. Thank you.


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