Sunday, September 1, 2019

Is America Beyond Hope?

When will you be giving up your gun rights?
How many more children, students and adults have to die a senseless death? Why are Americans killing each other?
Why are mass shootings so much more common in the US than in other countries?

These are questions which need to be answered. 

The answers to a lot of the deaths in the below list have to be addressed on the political stage. 

When mass shootings happen, government officials are reacting with words of "senseless cowardly act" and "thoughts and prayers". This seems to be all that American politicians are able to come up with. But governments have the duty to protect the lives of their country's citizens and residents. That is indeed the main purpose of having a government. In the US that task was never achieved. Since the early days of the American nation the US government has never been able to protect their people. America has always been an extremely violent nation.

Yet, the 2. amendment could have been reworked and adjusted to modern times. Or it could have been repealed all together. Will that ever happen? Are Americans willing to give up their antiquated gun rights in order to save the lives of thousands of their own people? When will the US Government stand up to the NRA and declare the NRA a terrorist organisation?

Meanwhile, the list goes on. Down below is the list for this year only. And as you know, the killing in Odessa won't be the last mass shooting. Get ready for the next condemning by your governor, the next "thoughts and prayers" session, the next public outrage in the press, and the next mass funeral.

Have a wonderful day in crazy-land.
August 31, 2019Midland–Odessa, Texas6[n 1]21272019 West Texas shooting: Six people were killed and twenty-one others were injured on the Interstate 20. One of the suspects was killed.
August 4, 2019Dayton, Ohio927372019 Dayton shooting: Nine people were killed and 27 were injured outside of a bar. The perpetrator was killed by police.
August 3, 2019El Paso, Texas2224462019 El Paso shooting: A gunman killed twenty-two people and injured twenty-four others at a Walmart. The gunman was arrested.
July 28, 2019Gilroy, California4[n 1]1519Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: A gunman killed 3 people, including one 6 year-old boy, attending Gilroy's annual Garlic Festival; 12 more people were injured. The shooter killed himself.
May 31, 2019Virginia Beach, Virginia13[n 1]518Virginia Beach shooting: A gunman killed 12 people and injured five others at a municipal building. The gunman died at the scene.[9]
May 7, 2019Highlands Ranch, Colorado189STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting: A school shooting was reported at STEM School Highlands Ranch, around 1:50 p.m, two shooters targeted separate locations and killed one student and injured eight more before being arrested.[10]
April 30, 2019Charlotte, North Carolina2462019 UNCC shooting: Six people were shot, two fatally, on the last day of classes at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The student gunman was taken into custody after he ran out of ammunition.[11]
April 27, 2019Poway, California134Poway synagogue shooting: One person was killed and at least three were wounded by a shooter at the Chabad of Poway synagogue.[12]
February 15, 2019Aurora, Illinois6[n 1]612Aurora, Illinois, shooting: A 45-year old man opened fire at a Henry Pratt Company plant and killed five people and injured six others. He was a former worker at the plant and he was killed in a shootout with police.
January 28, 2019Houston, Texas246Pecan Park raid: Two people were killed and four police officers were injured during a drug raid at a home.
January 26, 2019Ascension Parish, Louisiana, and Livingston Parish, Louisiana505January 2019 Louisiana shootings: A 21-year old man killed five people, including his parents, in two parishes in Louisiana.[13]
January 23, 2019Sebring, Florida5052019 Sebring shooting: Five people were killed in a hostage incident and shooting at a bank. The suspect was taken into custody by police.[14]


  1. The "Chosen One",NRA,and Moscow Mitch,shall deliver us all.

  2. Psst… there WERE MASS SHOOTINGS under the Obama Admin and each President before him... Racism climb the ladder during the Obama Admin when it was nearly all in the gutter of milking parlor. It's OKAY to dislike President Trump, however, you should EQUALLY recognize EACH ADMINISTRATION has had mass shootings where people kill people. Trust me, when I say... GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE... People kill people. Perhaps the most logical thing America should do is BAN THE PEOPLE from gathering in mass groups! It is very sad about the killings of innocent lives, but what is even sadder is the ignorance of some who think GUNS KILL. I've just checked my guns, and would you believe, each one of them are still laying in wait right where I locked them up. They have not so much as moved a teeny tiny bit. I didn't notice though, they seem to be rather lazy since I was able to see a lot of dust on them. Perhaps, I have the laziest guns in America. People KILL People... accept that fact. They (people) will use whatever means they can to kill people. Many things can be used as weapons, as items to kill other people. Things like motor vehicles, tableware, cooking items, tools from all trades, and even people themselves... should America BAN all items that could be used to help kill people? Or, should the American people just BAN TOGTHER and STOP letting non-citizens come here to America and try to change our beautiful Country to be that of their own homeland, and should we BAN PEOPLE? Guns don't kill people, I have never ever heard of a Gun getting up and waltzing out into a public or private event and committing mass shootings like those which have happened under EACH ADMINISTRATION BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMPS, have you?

    1. Your ignorant rant (are you drunk?) proves it: There is no hope for guys like you. You either can't understand the problem or you refuse to. There is tons of evidence from other countries (I like to cite Australia) where guns removed from the public have led to a sharp decline of mass shootings and other gun-related violence. Repeating the NRA mantra over and over again does not do you a favor. Get your head out of the desert sand and start informing yourself by watching something other than Faux News. I am entirely aware of that mass shootings didn't start under Trump, but they have increased in numbers significantly, all due to his hateful rhetoric.

    2. Middle Class American just hasn't figured out that he's not middle class anymore.You can't argue with an ostrich.Even Rep.Steve Scalise after becoming a victim of gun violence doesn't get it.


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