Monday, January 14, 2019

There Is No Paradise Anymore --- ANYWHERE!!

When you go shopping, when you go to a fast food restaurant or just a potluck dinner, you are most likely using objects of plastic. Plastic shopping bags, plastic wrapping, plastic cans, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic knives, plastic forks and spoons.
It is all that plastic we are using that will stay on this globe for ever. No, it will not disappear. Yes, it will break down – into very small parts over decades. These parts are getting into the food chain and are the most dangerous part of all plastic floating in the ocean. Birds are dying of plastic-filled bellies, so are sea turtles, whales and every other creature living in the oceans.

We have to stop this craziness. How? We have to teach and educate the young generation, we have to raise awareness in the population, and we have to ask our governments to regulate the use of plastics.
Do yourself the favor and watch the video below. If you look for more information on the topic just type “Plastic in the ocean” into Google. Make sure you are not eating when you watch the video.              

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  1. I believe that we are products of our environment to a vast degree, but have the power of choice to counter-balance this fate. Our intelligence gives us the ability to adapt to whatever we are exposed to; and unlike the animals of the earth, we have the power of reason to make moral choices based on thought given to possible future outcome. Sometimes we do not always reason things out well and must live with the physical or emotional outcome of a bad decision. However, we choose our path in life, even though we often would like to believe that we are victims of circumstance.Humans are their own worse enemy.


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