Sunday, August 26, 2018

Was John McCain The Last Decent Republican?

John McCain has left this world. He has left the country he loved and fought and suffered for, but at the end it must have been hard for him to see cheap populism take over what once was a sphere of respect and honesty. To watch the degrading of values and division of politics in the United States of America must have been especially hard for John McCain, for his ideals were different from those of Trump and Company. Expressing different opinions is the base of every democracy. Attacking core values of humanity and society is not part of it.

To ask the question whether there are still decent republican politicians seems right at a time when it might be far between them. Is there room for truth and decency when "alternative facts" and "fake news" have become the slogans of the day? When personal gains of wealth and power have become more important than the good of the country? What about calling the press "the enemy of the people"? Or how could it happen that children and babies have been torn from their mothers?

These were not the values of John McCain.

What happened to the international reputation of the United States during those last 18 months?

Americans I speak to every day, are apologizing for the current events in their country. They are ashamed and hurry to express their respect for Canada. So maybe John McCain's values are still shared by the larger part of the American people. 

The truth remains the truth and there is only one honour. Both cannot be altered. It is the foundation of how we people can live together. 


  1. A true American patriot and one of the last great Republicans.God's speed John McCain.

  2. Boy, did u hit the nail on the head!!!

  3. Well said. I was somewhat taken aback to read of his death, even though the outcome was inevitable, considering the severity of his illness. It's beyond our imagination just how much he suffered as a POW.

  4. John McCain was a true patriot, however he was not always right. He did give us Palin (a huge mistake). Then there was his vote in favor of Trump's tax cuts which, while spurring the economy, will drive this country far deeper in debt and all for benefitting the wealthiest Americans.


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