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Friday, June 15, 2018

Hilarious Birthday

It was that day again when my birthday was coming up. And yesterday I threw together my own birthday cake. And while it had been raining all day yesterday, today was the most beautiful day one could imagine. So we invited some neighbours over for coffee and cake. 
                   Havin' fun with the birthday cake

And while three of them are dog owners, only 2 brought their dogs along. So we had 2 standard poodles, (Summer and Scarlet) a miniature poodle (Rosy) and of course Dixie. I have to admit I was wondering how this get-together would go as both Standard poodles and Dixie are still puppies and can get pretty wild. But it all turned out in the most amazing way. Before we knew it, the dogs started to entertain us people with their funny interactions. 
                                The crew is arriving

Finding safety with daddy

But it all topped out when one of the dogs kicked over a flowerpot and everybody in our group reacted with a scream. That led to Summer being scared so much that she leaped up and across the armrest landing right into her owner's lap. Now we were all bursting into laughter.
Of course a group picture was taken before they all left with their dogs. 
The day ended with a wonderful dinner at Campobello's newest restaurant, the PIER WATERFRONT, which has great food and a dream-like location right on the Passamaquoddy Bay.
                   At "The PIER WATERFRONT"

And when we returned I had a great evening walk admiring all the beautiful lupines, glowing in the setting sun.

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  1. Happy Birthday Peter ! Great looking weather and fun party.Hope to get up there soon to try out the new restaurant.


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