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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Not Much Progress

I am getting sore in my fingers from filling out  multiple-page-long dog adoption applications. The one for “MAX” we never heard back from and the one for “BOOMER & COOKIE” we received a phone call about yesterday evening, telling us that our application was “wonderful”, but that the two dogs we applied for were “runners” and had been picked up by animal control over and over again and that the 2 would require a fenced yard, which was the stopper for us. The 3rd. application was sent of to an American Lab rescue operation in Portland ME, and they are so forthright to tell you up-front on their webpage that they are “swamped” with applications and that they would not be able to guarantee a timely reply, due to lack of volunteers.

Very “encouraging”, indeed.

Tomorrow we are going to stop by a local shelter in St.Stephen, but we know they have two dogs only, a 10-year old huskie-mix and a 3-year old Rotti-mix. None of which I can think of having as a new dog in our home.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that it could be difficult to find another dog.

While we are waiting for the miracle to happen, the weather changed, …at least for today. We are going to receive RAIN! After months of drought-like conditions, a low-pressure is reaching up from the south. And it came along with incredibly high temps. This morning the mercury showed 16C (61F) and now it has already reached 18C (65F) We are approaching the end of October, another 2 months and we have Christmas day!!
I just hope that winter will pass as quickly as the summer did, but most likely we will have to “enjoy” some snow along the way. Oh well, if at least we could find a new dog…..


  1. I'll keep an eye out for you down here in Maine for you. I did find one promising prospect.............sent you an email.


  3. is a great site. You can search for shelters or for dogs, within 25-100 miles of any specified town. The Underhound Railroad in Bristol Me has several medium size dogs and puppies, . Good luck with your search!


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