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Friday, September 29, 2017

How Deep Is The Ocean…How Deep Is The Swamp?

Trump’s key promise to “drain the Washington swamp” has just suffered from another big blow of corruption and abuse of taxpayer funds. When HHS Secretary Tom Price was bold enough to use private jets for his many utterly useless government travels he brought evidence to the fact that whatever swamp Trump had in mind to drain, is deeper than ever. While Tom Price used 1Mill. for his travels, unemployment and poverty continued unabated throughout the country. And it is only thanks to the democrates vigilance demanding an investigation that Trump had no other way out than to accept Price’s resignation.
Image result for cartoon washington swamp
It is amazing how many scandals have haunted this so-called government since Trump’s election. The swamp with its murky waters  is now so deep that it will be utterly impossible to drain.

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  1. When will it end?..Hopefully not a full 4 yrs...Of course there is Pense..etc......Sheesh!


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