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Monday, April 24, 2017

After Work Walk.

Listening to myself I knew I was darn tired from working all day, but the weather was so enticing that I decided to leave after supper to take a beach walk in the sunset of Friars Bay.
Many people would shy away from this beach as it has only rocks, tons of deposited seaweed and yes, some garbage coming in with the tide. But aside of the nice sunsets, it also offers something very special.
sea glassIt’s called SEA GLASS and it has been the rave for the last 5 years. I have personally met visitors, even been hired to lead the way for them, to find this treasure. What exactly is SEA GLASS?  Well, it is glass shards of all kind of shapes and colors, and a true piece of Sea glass has stayed in the sea for a very long time tumbling around along the sandy bottom of the sea until it has attained a rough surface. It is glass you can’t look through anymore. The most treasured pieces are shards in red and dark blue, purple or with/and showing old patterns, like from old medicine bottles or old car glass from rear lights.
Collectors make mosaics or jewelry of it. Decorative items like the one Bea made it are also popular.

1-DSC_0142 1-DSC_0143 1-DSC_0145
                    But also other “treasures” can be found. 


  1. Beautiful sunset and love the sea glass...we also have a sea glass collection that we enjoy adding to.

  2. Love finding that sea glass, over the years gave found a lot only the shores of the great lakes.

  3. Wow, I purchased a ball of sea glass in Seward, Alaska. These glass bulbs were used as fisherman's floats is what I was told...specifically Japanese fishermen. I use the glass bulb as an ornament for Christmas tree. I love coastal areas...any coastal area.


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