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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Blues

Slowly the night went away and light drained into our bedroom.
After sleeping another round I was awake at 6am and just waiting for more signs of a new day.
Finally I got up, made coffee and went out with Molly. A fresh air with a tinge of smell from the Creosote Bushes greeted me.
Back in the bus I started the breakfast-making routine, two eggs, two slices of raisin-bread, cheese and jam.
Bea emerged from the rear and joined me in the kitchen department.
There was a layer of clouds in the east blocking the sun from breaking through, but it didn't take very long and the clouds were gone.
Weather forecast says 71F for today and mostly sunny. Here we go!
At 12:30pm we will be driving over to the Pioneer Museum at El Centro to enjoy some music there. Later we will be at the Golden Corral and having supper with our neighbour.
I have been pouring over the map at Microsoft's Streets and Trips this morning to look for possible excursion trips we haven't done during the past years. When looking up the Palm Springs area I came across the Mt.San Jacinto State Park. That area sure looks very promising with a totally different type of landscape then down here. So I made a strong mental note of planning a trip up there soon.
This map shows the part of the trip from I-8 at Winterhaven to Picacho State Recreation Area and over to the Ogilby Rd.
The nice picnic area at the Colorado River
While I was doing that I remembered a nice OFF-ROAD trip I did with a neighbour last year. This guy has a Jeep Wrangler which is capable of going nearly everywhere. We took a trip up the road from Yuma to the Picacho State Recreation area. The trail leads up into the mountains and basically ends at the Colorado River where we enjoyed the very nice picnic-area. Then we went up the Indian Pass Road which after climbing up on a plateau finally intersects the Ogilby Rd (SR34). From there we went up to Hwy 78 turning west through the Imperial Sand Dunes.
Indian Pass Road 
The best part of that trip was probably the Indian Pass Road which offers fantastic views down into a deep Canyon then following a wash along a rocky and rough trail.

Drive through a Canyon


  1. During our time in the western states, I always wished we had a 4WD vehicle. There were lots of interesting places that are missed without one. That trip looks like it was a lit of fun!

  2. Love having a four wheel drive vehicle. Wish I was planning a trip somewhere.

  3. scary looking road there..glad to see you are both having a great time !!


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